Communication Definition -What is communication? -Communication Skills and Communication process

Communication Definition -What is communication?-Communication Skills and communication process

Communication DefinitionThe present era is the era of information and communication technologies.Technology remains today from the Earth’s interior or from the deep sea to space.Now Technology is widely used in all the field of our individual work, education, medical care, research, communication, etc. The use of information technology is also increasing at the different place in the world.As well as contributes in technology based starts job, social, composition and economic developmentNew revolution was also built is communication field for technology.Thousands of miles away from a country does not seem to go away, it seems the village side.All countries in the world, has become a large village in the world.The concept of global village was born. communication definition
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communication definition

What is Communication Definition or Definition of communication

Communication Definition-There was a time when people lived in groups.Animal hunting was the main dependence of human being.They were hunting in a group.Then there was a communist society.
Worked hard how much they could and as necessary they enjoyed their lives.Due to shortage of hunting, people slowly make alternative arrangement.Development is occurred is cultivation, trade and commerce.Strategies and methods of living of humans are being developed
At a time the world was divided into several nations.Structure and ruling systems of the state are various for different reason.
However, almost all of the countries are divided in to villages and towns except some of the options .At the beginning of the nation states villages were almost the same.Another related or unrelated to each other or different religions or no religions, relatives or no relatives to each other, usually in a small area of the same speakers but different families have lived in harmony with everyone in a group is called village.Everybody try their best to help in need to anyone  in the village.
In any trouble, help can be found just after asking for.
You need any of the things that are easily available in the neighbor’s house or in the village market.Doctors are also being found according to medical needs.Next door neighbors can be contacted after calling loudly
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communication definition

Benefits of Communication skills –

As a result of the development of information and communication technology the world has become as a village.
The present era is the era of ‘information and communication‘.
Starting from the household works to state’s works and even in all international activities the role of information technology is essential.
Earth’s crust and interior, away from the deep sea to space, technology remains throughout the day.
People today are travelling to space leaving the mountain cave with the prayer of developed technology.
At present, the electronics and the computer technology development are in so high position .
In telecommunications system technology is consisted with computers and electronics, the telecommunications, data communications and the Internet are in it roots.
The development of satellitecommunication systems, telecommunication systems started their journey in the sixties. 
In 1965, with a single Intel-SAT satellite, 240 telephone  circuits or one television channel transport was arranged.
Currently, with a single Intel SAT satellite, Millions telephones and  numerous television channels run.
Contact Information for the computer and electronics in combination with telecommunications, technology is rapidly expanding.
For that without sensors or any obstacle billions of data can be transferred easily in a short time from one part to other part of the world. 

What is Communication Process

At first, the speed of the computer’s was only a few times more than the human being.
In just a few decades, a few billion times the speed increased.
Development of other technologies such as computer technology has not happened so quickly.
The importance and necessity of computer processing of the data as well as data transfer, communication, etc. is increasing 
Around the world through an extensive network of ultra-fast and relatively low-cost e-mail, internet browsing and data exchange has become a common topic.
Like as modern electronic communication, digital electronics, software’s combinations have a wide impact.
Using of fiber optic cable in communication technology has brought a revolutionary change in the development of technology.
It can be carried billions of streamer data , numerous telephone calls and television signals with the help of light through the optic fiber is better than data transmitted via satellite.
Bangladesh and different countries in the world currently is associated with the optical fiber and the information super highway.

Verbal Communication Skills

Communication Definition-It means communicating information very easily in very short time.Communication skills
are very important for information exchange.Different advanced technologies are used to make communication easier.
The use of communication has made many things easier today.Need communication skills to speak nicely with each other.
Currently the use of communication technology is increasing day by day.
Communication skills are now very important.Communication skills play a very important role in the field of job.various courses of online 

communication skill are currently available.

Communication process Make Easy our Life –

Communication Make Easy our Life.The resulted in the use of technology in the whole world has now become a village.
Sitting anywhere in the world is now possible to communicate instantly with any place.
Sitting in the doctor’s services to any network anywhere in the world, trading or supply of any goods or talking with any person and seeing with one another through video, videoconferencing or enjoying a cultural program of any country, any kind of news exchange, work from home, office or a study work, university or any educational institution, anywhere in the world, to provide or accept the services is possible.
These reasons, it is called  the present world  as global village .
Marshall McLuhab, in his book the Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of typographic Man(1962) and Understanding Media (1964) gave us the idea of global village for the first.
Permitting to him “by the universe of electric information, the world has build up a network and we can associate essentially with one side”

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