What is Data? Data Definition And element definition| Big Data Analytics –

What is Data? Data Definition And Data Mining| Big Data Analytics –

What is Data? –Information and communication technologies have brought unprecedented success in the current world of data communication.
Data Definition-All countries in the world and men are chained within a single computer network.Wireless and mobile communication is crossing occurred from wired communications.Now telephone, mobile  phone, internet, computer network etc. has become a vital instrument for communicationSMS e-mail, web-browsing, chatting, video conferencing etc. are now gaining in popularity as a method of communication.Bluetooth, infrared, radio wave, microwaves, satellite, Wi-Fi, WiMAX etc. Technology are being widely used in wireless communications.

Data Definition And Data Transfer –

Data Definition-“A  data communications System is a group of separate communications.Transformation systems, relay stations, tributary stations, and data terminal equipment(DTE) usually capable  of interconnection and interoperation to form an integrated whole.The mechanisms of a communications system serve a mutual purpose, are technically compatible, use joint procedures, respond to controls, and work in combination.Telecommunications is a system of communication (e.g., for sports distribution, mass media, reporting, etc.)


Data And Data Transfer –

Data Mining– Data Communication is the field of study concerned with the transmission of information through various means.
It can also be clear as technology working in transmitting communications.
It can also be clear as the inter-transmitting the gratified of data (communication, signals, pulses etc.) from one node to another.
Hence communication system is system or technology for collecting, processing, transferring, formatting of information.
There are many types of communication system such as DATA Communication System, Voice Communication System, Radio Communication System, Mobile Communication System, Power line Communication System, Telecommunication System, Tactical Communication System, Emergency Communication System, Duplex Communication System, Defense Communication System etc.
Telecommunication System is the integration of Communication Network, Transmission System, Relay Station, Tributary Station, and Different Data Terminal Equipment-DTE.

Data Communication

Data, communication is the process of sending and receiving data from two computers connected in a Network, either local network (LAN) as well as a wider network.
The Internet is very large computer network.
When we send a data, the data we do not send directly to the destination computer.
Such data must go through one computer to another,
From one network to another, until finally reaching the destination computer.

Data Transfer And Data Analytics –

Data, communication system is a system or facility for transferring data between persons and equipment.
The system usually consists of a collection of individual communication networks, transmission system, relay stations, tributary stations and terminal equipment capable of interconnection and interoperation so as to form as integrated whole.
A data communication system has five components.

  1. Message
  2. Sender
  3. Receiver
  4. Medium
  5. Protocol
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Message – It is the data to be conveyed. Well known types of data incorporate content, pictures, sound, video and so on. 

Sender – It is the gadget which sends the data messages. It very well may be a PC, workstation, phone handset and so forth. 

Receiver – It is the gadget which gets the data messages. It very well may be a PC, workstation, phone handset and so on. 

Transmission Medium – It is the physical way by which a message ventures out from sender to recipient. A few models incorporate contorted match wire, coaxial link, radio waves and so on. 

Protocol – It is an arrangement of principles that administers the data communication. It speaks to an understanding between the imparting gadgets. Without a convention, two gadgets might be associated yet not communicating.

Bandwidth (DATA)

The speed with which data can be transmitted from one device to another is called data transmission speed.
The speed rates are often measured in megabits (million bits) or megabytes (million bytes) per second. 
These are ordinarily reduced as Mbps and MBps, respectively.
The communication transfer rate is slow in an element named band.
Different band provide a verity of speed in which data can be transmitted over the channel.
The bands are classified as:

  1. Narrow Band or Low speed
  2. Voice Band or Medium speed
  3. Broad Band or High speed


  • Narrow Band or Low speed (DATA)

Low speed or Narrow Band has a bit transmission rate of 40 to 300 bps.
These channels are normally used for low speed.
Teletypewriter communication and for other low speed devices which can use low speed line.
Narrow bands are used for handling low data volumes and adequate for low speed advices.
They are used mainly for telegraph lines and low speed terminal.

  • Voice Band or Medium speed  (DATA)

Medium speed voice grades vary from 300 to 9600.
This speed range is accumulated by lines which are used over ordinary voice communications and hence term voice band to describe these bands.
This major application is for ordinary telephone voice data communication.
More over most remote terminals also connected to computers through voice band channels.

  • Broad Band or Wide Band or High speed (DATA)

High speed communication channels are broad band or wide band.
Permit transmission rate is over 9600 bps.
High speed channel required micro waves, fiber optics or satellite transmission.
They are normally used for computer to computer communication since computer send data to each other faster than terminal sends data to computer.

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