ICT – Information Technology – ICT Meaning And Importance of ICT | info | icts

 ICT – Information Technology – ICT Meaning And Importance of ICT | info | icts

“ICT” – ICT meaning –Collection, preservation process, transfers and recovery of information is possible by using computer software, telecommunication and presently by internet. This ICT technology brought about a tremendous change in the world. What was not imaginable 20 years back, now it is done easily by ICT. The countries in the world which accepted this technology easily, they made them developed so rapidly.
Once the Eastern European countries; including Soviet Union did not accept ICT in fear of unemployment. As a result these countries walked back in comparison to the western European countries including USA. Our country too cannot develop itself due to lake of proper leadership guidance as this technology was not acceptable in time. But in late the government started stress importance to this technology. The country is processing overcoming the all obstacles. 
Advertisement and economic development definition of ICT in economic development country is given below-

E-Commerce info (what is e commerce?) in ICT –

Ict Info- A type of business model, or segment of a large business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. Electronic commerce functions in all four of the main market sections: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. It can be supposed of as a more advanced form of mail-order buying through a catalog. Almost any product or facility can be offered through e-commerce, from books and music to financial facilities and plane tickets.(ICT)
Information technology,  E-commerce permits customer to automatically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. Electronic commerce has expanded quickly over the past five years and is predicted to continue at this frequency, or even hurry. In the near future the boundaries between “conventional” and “electronic” commerce will become increasingly blurred as more and more business move sections of their operations into the Internet.
Business to business or B2B refers to electronic commerce between business rather than between a business and a consumer.B2B business often deal with hundreds or even thousands of other business, either as customers or suppliers. Carrying out these transactions electronically delivers massive competitive advantages over traditional systems.
When implemented properly, e-commerce is often faster, cheaper and more convenient than the traditional methods of bartering goods and services.

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  • E-governance info In ICT –

The term ‘E-Governance’ is wider than ‘Government’. E-Governance may be an action of governing/controlling a country by its government, governing of an association or a company by its CEO or Board of Directors or monitoring of a house hold by the head of the house, Rendering E-Governance may also include important of a country, association, company or a household, though with the help of information and Communication Technology (ICT).
But when we conversation of E-Governance in the general idiom we only mention to the governing of a country/State using ICT. E-governance therefore means the request of ICT to transform the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of argument of information and transaction:

  1. between Governments,
  2. between Government agencies,
  3. between Government and Citizens
  4. between Government and business

E-governance also goals to authorize public through giving them access to information.

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  1. Broadcast and expansion information –Anybody can companion and expand ICT by using the elements of ICT staying anywhere in the world. This campaign and expansion of ICT plays vital role in Human resource wherever in the world in open to all and all are enriched by these inventions and made themselves as qualified global citizen.
  2. Employment Facility –Our country may be promoted as a ICT based solvent by making ICT developed. The source of earning foreign currency is the manpower export. If the manpower is skilled in modern ICT then they can earn more currency and our country will progress much. The government should give up priority in ICT education to make manpower as a skilled manpower.
  3. Marketing of ICT (why marketing is important)-Computer and network based software and hardware are ICT products.Many countries are manufacture software who may have sufficient training in ICT, to increase ICT skilled manpower. It is possible to earn much foreign currency establishing more software firms or through outsourcing staying home.
  4. Agricultural Development Proper utilization of ICT can make our agriculture strong 50% of total population. By no means we can development our agriculture sectors unless it is modernized. First of all it needs to present correct information in time to the doorstep of the farmers to make agriculture modern. Weather information and current market price is also be reach to the farmers in time and the economy of them is to be enriched by developing agro sector for the prosperity of any country. Mobile phone can be used to make the agriculture information easily available.
  5. Removing unemployment –It’s a crying need for the modern world to have ICT skilled manpower. If we can make the educated young force skilled in ICT we can earn more and more foreign currency exporting these skilled manpower. The educated jobless young men and women should have bank loan easily in engage them in software outsourcing. Both government and private financial sector should come forward and ultimately the unemployment problem will be solved. They can contribute in the countries prosperity.
  6. Call center ( what is call center )-A call center is a physical place where client and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, regularly with some amount of computer mechanization. Naturally, a call center has the capability to handle a substantial volume of calls at the similar time, to screen calls and forward them to somebody fit to handle them, and to log calls. Call centers are used by mail-order catalog administrations, telemarketing companies, computer product help desks, and any large group that usages the telephone to sell or package products and services. Two connected terms are virtual call center and contact center.Call centers have become progressively popular as outsourcing has increased. In outsourcing, some company agreements out some works to be handled by additional companies. Maintaining call center tools and staffing can be luxurious, so some companies select to outsourcing their telephone functions to an outside call center. In this case, outdoor call center staff members can be skilled to response phone calls on behalf of several companies.Now call center job is very popular all over the world.And call center jobs helps young people to do any job.Because this call center job is very easy to find then other job.
  7. Modern Bank Management We Are promote our bank management on the basis of ICT in keeping with worldwide banking. Banking management is mainly software based. The university should teach our programmers in such a way so that they can make all necessary software of banking. All banks except a few bank are using ICT in our country. By using ICT banks can render services to more clients by less employees. As a result our country is benefited more.
  8. Land management –Millions of civil suits are pending due to land disputes. By using ICT these civil suits can be settled. In the meantime process has been started to these effects. The settlement of land dispute suit is expedited if these are use of same. Database between land administration and the courts. The land owners may be provided with the ID cards. This can play an effective role in the solution of settlement of dispute.
  9. Empowerment of Women –Half of the populations are women. They are backward in education in comparison to male. Women are to be made skilled in ICT side by side male. Maximum employees in call center in India are women. In our country women are to be skilled in ICT to provide in various profession and thus the social economic condition will be developed.
  10. Utility Bill Management –The government provides some utility facilities to the people. These are gas, water. Electricity and telephone against which the government earns some revenue. Day by Day these sectors are becoming losing concerns. The loss comes due to mismanagement. To bring transparency these losing concerns may be converted into prefatory concerns using ICT. Where there use meter can be converted into digital meter or by using prepaid meter system loss can be reduced. By using ICT all types corruptions can be removed and thus it is possible to make economically developed country.

Besides, use of ICT in all sectors as action of transparency will increase, same way the speed of action will expedited and interests in work also increase. So we should use ICT in proper way in all sectors.

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