Nanotechnology-What is Nanotech? Nanotechnology definition -Nano

Nanotechnology-What is Nanotech? Nanotechnology definition -Nano

 Nanotechnology –Nanotechnology is a term used to describe nanotechnology . Nanotechnology is science, technology and technology. That is operated on a molecular scale. Nanotechnology is the alteration and control of substances at atomic and molecular levels. Nanotechnology works with a small structure of 100 Nanometers.In the medical field, the nanotechnology of energy production can bring huge changes. Nanotechnology is a science that uses metallic materials to make astronomical devices on a nuclear or molecular scale. The word nano comes from the Greek nanos, which means the word dwarf but is used as a standard unit. Richard Feynman is called the father of nanotechnology.
A meter of 1 meter is called 1 nanometer. That is 1 nm = 10-9 m. And the nanometric scale is the technology that is called nanotechnology.


History of Nanotechnology And Nano

Two major discoveries in the history of nanotechnology are (1) the discovery of scanning tunneling microscope in 2918; And (2) Folerein discovery by the cobalt molecule.
For the first success, Jordan Binning, Heinrich Rohrer and IBM Zurich Rischer Laboratory jointly won the Nobel Prize in 1986. And for the discovery of Fullerine, Harry Crato, Ricardo Smoly and Rabat Kuri received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.
The nanoparticles used in nanotechnology are made through two processes. One is from top to bottom and the other is below.
Under the TopDown method, the size and structure of the fixed nano are cut. And in the down-to-top process, creating stricter structural nanopaths with small sized molecules.
All the electronics used in our daily life arenanotechnology made in topdown process. Most of the smallest technology in the nanometer scale is being made in down to top process today.

Nanotechnology from Nano Science

Do you remember the Google Map Satellite View? The green trees and the sea on most of the Earth’s surface, a blue green appears to be bigger than the Earth’s surface. Now start zooming on the map, gradually many countries will look at nanotechnology and start zooming grass.
If you do more zoom in this way, you will see that plant molecules are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and once things are all divided. So this is Nano Science, which helps us to understand from the very roots that how each element is made and its core is what it is.
And when we can understand Nano Science, I can use it to generate something new and it will be called Nanotechnology. Because technology comes from science and follow the rules of science making our everyday life easier, technology is the job of technology.
Now let’s take some simple ideas about Nanotechnology – hopefully the main thing about Nanotechnology is that you have become clear about the material.

Use of Nanotechnology 

Most of the advantages of Nano technology can be seen in the future, but this technology is still helping us to change the world in different ways. You might think nanotechnology is a great thing at once and it’s a whole new technology-because “technology” means we think of human-made techniques.
Our life itself is a sample of nanotechnology. Our bodies work in proteins, viruses, bacteria, cells, etc. in the form of nanotechnology.

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Nano Material

Maybe you are currently using Already “Nanotechnology”. Even from the bed linen to the Traveling Bag, it is also ready for nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is used in some branded sunscreen creams, only by putting the cream on your skin, it simply puts the titanium oxide or zinc oxide layer, so it blocks the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.
Carbon Nano Tubes are the most remarkable Nano material. As a result of its Atomic formation, it has made it a very strong substance. It is possible to make any long measurements in fiber drawing.

Nano Chip

Micro Electronics is another form of nanotechnology. Typically the word “micro” is used in microelectronics because its drawing is due to being a microscopic scale.
But computer scientists have said that if it is possible to make more transistors in the same place, it is possible to make the computer size smaller and more powerful. Currently, computer processors are prepared by 100-200 nanometers of transistors and the day is being reduced by more size and all of this is possible due to Nanotechnology.

Nano machine

Another interesting fact of Nanotechnology, is that it is possible to create a very small machine; From gears, switches, pumps, machines – and completely different atoms. Nano machines can be made by nano robots, which are called nanobots. Nanobot can be injected into our body so that it can fight with adverse conditions.

Nanotechnologies application

  1. Create computer hardware
  2. Nano Robot
  3. Electronics equipment
  4. To make jalani
  5. Made of packaging and plating
  6. Made of medicines
  7. Sports goods
  8. Aerospace Expedition
  9. Clothing industry
  10. Creation of spicy organs

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Advantages of Nanotechnology-

  1. More durable or permanent, relatively small in size and light weight.
  2. The drug produced by the application of nanotechnology is quick to gain access to “smart drugs”.
  3. Work on the manufacture of silver in the packaging of food products.
  4. The use of Nano Transistor, Nano Diode, Plasma Display, etc. is revolutionizing the electronic industry.
  5. Solar power can be utilized more effectively through battery, fuel cell, solar cell etc. made by nanotechnology.

Disadvantage of Nanotechnology

  1. Nanotechnologyis expensive. As a result, the products produced by this technology are costly.
  2. Nano particle is harmful for the human body.

Last word About Nanotechnology

It will rule more in future.However, there are also some difficulties with the benefits of this technology. Due to the small size of the nano bot, many doctors agree that it can enter the bone with blood, so no one knows what can happen.

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